The new Swiss

Tennis League

Play matches flexibly, complete exciting challenges and win attractive prizes

Switzerland plays tennis

GotCourts is launching the virtually organised and decentralised Swiss tennis league. Do you love tennis and playing for points? If so, the GotCourts League is exactly what you are looking for. Everyone can participate. Without a competition licence. It is your choice when, where and against whom you play. Take your tennis to the next level, improve your GotCourts Rating and win great prizes.
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Completely flexible

It is open to all

The GotCourts League is the first entirely open tennis format in Switzerland. All tennis players in Switzerland can join in. 

  • From the beginner to the ambitious amateur tennis players
  • It is open to people of all ages
  • With or without a competition licence of a national tennis federation
  • Infact with or without tennis tournament experience

All inclusive

  • You are welcome to play as many matches as you may wish
  • Suggestions of matching opponents according to skill level 
  • Placement in a league according to your skill level 
  • Personal match statistics 
  • One-time starter fee will allow you to play an unlimited number of league matches throughout the season 

Win great prizes

Prizes for the GotCourts League winners
Player Bag for all participants worth more than 30 CHF
Challenges with instant and raffle prizes

The GotCourts Rating System

The GotCourts rating guarantees the comparability of all skill levels and ranks you within the universal GotCourts leaderboard. 

Projected rating

You will receive a projected rating and your initial ranking position after your first tennis match has been played. Each match influences both.  

Validated Rating

Once you have played five tennis matches, your rating will be validated, and you will be placed in one of the seven match leagues. 

Tennis tournaments

GotCourts matches are usally played decentralized and individual. However, if the Corona situation will allow it, the GotCourts League will offer additional regional week-end tournaments and invite the seasons best to a final tournament. 

Summer tournaments

A series of GotCourts League tennis tournaments will be held in various Swiss regions in the summer of 2021. These summer tournaments are weekend tournaments organized by the GotCourts League, where you can play several matches against new opponents and truly improve your skills. All the matches will be taken into account for the GotCourts rating, and there are great prizes to be won.

This year, tournaments are scheduled in Lucerne, Zurich, Basel and Bern.
For further information on and in case of any ambiguities in tournament operation, the GotCourts League Summer Tournament Regulations will help.
07 August 2021
TC Luzern Lido
14 August 2021
Hallen-TC Lengg
15 August 2021
Hallen-TC Lengg
28 August 2021
Basler Lawn TC
04 September 2021
TC Rotweiss Bern

Grand GotCourts League final tournament in autumn

The grand finale will occur in autumn: the final tournament.

You can play in your league for one of the coveted places in the GotCourts League finals from spring to autumn. An invitation will be sent to the best eight tennis players in each league. Do your best. You can expect attractive prizes and a fantastic atmosphere.

The final tournament will take place on October 9 and 10, 2021, at the national training center at Swiss Tennis in Biel.

Saturday, 9th of October 2021
National Training Center of Swiss Tennis in Biel
League 4
League 5
Top Spinner
League 6
League 7
Sunday, 10th of Oktober 2021
National Training Center of Swiss Tennis in Biel
League 1
Grand Slammer
League 2
Master Hitter
League 3
Rising Star
For further information on and in case of any ambiguities in tournament operation, the GotCourts League Final Tournament regulations will help.
Regulations Final Tournament

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a player license to participate in the GotCourts League?

No, to participate in the GotCourts League you do not need a player license from a national association. The GotCourts League is a completely open championship format in which all tennis players in Switzerland can participate. 

How does the GotCourts League rating work?

For your rating you start with 1'500 points. Plus or minus points are distributed for each game won or lost. The number of points to be awarded is calculated by the GotCourts League rating level difference of the opposing players. If you play against an opponent ranked higher in the GotCourts rating, you can win extra points. If you lose, your loss of points is much smaller, corresponding to the increased probability of losing. Conversely, a win against a lower-ranked player results in fewer points than are deducted for a loss against that player. You can find more information in the GotCourts League rules


Does a GotCourts League match count for the Swiss Tennis Ranking?

At GotCourts League matches you compete for points for your GotCourts rating. All players in the GotCourts League are registered in the same universal GotCourts rating system and the same ranking list. GotCourts League Matches do not count for your Swiss Tennis ranking. 

Can I play a mode other than the three Champions Tie Breaks in the GotCourts League?

Yes, you can play any other mode (Set, Short-set, Best of Three, Fast Four, etc.). For more information please consult the GotCourts League rules in the FAQ section.