The tennis competition format for the whole season

The GotCourts League starts at the beginning of April and ends in October. You can join and take part at any time.

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All can participate

The new Swiss Tennis League. Any tennis player in Switzerland, regardless of age, gender, or skill level, can take part in the GotCourts League. Simply find suitable match partners, arrange matches flexibly and win attractive prizes. You will need an active user account on This is either something you already have or something you create during the registration process for the GotCourts League.

Organise a match


Find an opponent

Find an opponent for your singles match. You can either choose from your friends, your tennis club, the list of suggested players or search by tennis rating and ranking and contact any tennis player from the GotCourts League.


Contact your opponent

You can contact your opponent by simply clicking on the «Challenge» button on their user profile. Communicate to your opponent that you would like to play a GotCourts League match against him/her. Arrange the date, time and location of the match.


Book a court

Make a court booking in the GotCourts app or on at the agreed time. When booking a court, specify under «Competition» that it is a GotCourts League match. To ensure that your match counts towards the rating, it is mandatory to select the match as a GotCourts League Match before the start of your court booking time.


Play and enter the result

Then play the match and subsequently enter the result and the winner in GotCourts App. It does not matter which of the two players enters the result. Should you forget to enter the match result, you will receive a reminder email. After you have entered the result, your opponent will receive a notification and must confirm the match result.

How to play

GotCourts League play mode

The GotCourts League tie-break play mode is designed to get your match fully through in one booking hour, ensuring top-notch competitive fun. However, if you have enough time to play, you can also play classic sets and enter the match result in the app as well. 

There are three 10-point tie-breaks in each match. Each tie-break ends when the first player reaches 10 points. There is no need for a 2-point difference. Even with a 2-0 set lead in the tie-breaks, the third tie-break will be played. The rating system will make a difference in the points you can earn or lose whether someone wins or loses 3:0 or 2:1. Either player can earn valuable points for their ranking by winning the third tie-break. A typical GotCourts League result looks like this: 10:6; 9:10; 10:7. Player 1 wins with 2:1 sets. Classical sets: You have enough playing time available (e.g. booked more than one hour) and want to play classical sets? Sure, that's also possible. Since the 2022 season, match results from classical sets can also be entered in the GotCourts app. You can find more information in the FAQ and in the GotCourts League regulations.

Service variant

To ensure maximum tennis fun for all participants, there is a possibility of using a simplified service variant in the match:

The point is opened after the third ball has gone over the net and the point can be won. The service court has no significance. There is no service winner/fault and no return winner/fault. The server will alternate as in a normal match tie-break.

The players must decide before the match whether they want to play with the normal service or the service variant. This simplified service variant is the preferred way of starting points, especially for tennis beginners.

Seasonal schedule

The GotCourts League is played in two phases.

Regular Season (Phase 1)

In the Regular Season, the qualification phase from April 1st to August 13rd, you move in the league in which you have been placed after five matches based on your rating. You will continue to have the freedom to play against any participant in the GotCourts League, regardless of rating and league. A reclassification shall take place at the end of the Regular Season. Should you be above or below the skill level of the league you were initially placed in, then you will either be upgraded or downgraded and placed in the league of your current skill level.

Final Season (Phase 2)

In the Final Season, from August 14th to October 18th, you will play in your league for spots in the final tournament. It does not matter which skill level you have, in each of the seven match leagues there is the same number of places for the final tournament.

The league system

The GotCourts League is played in seven leagues, divided into different skill levels. The basis for your allocation to a league is your GotCourts rating. After five matches have been played, the rating you have achieved so far decides which of the seven leagues you will be assigned to.

League 1
Grand Slammer
League 2
Master Hitter
League 3
Rising Star
League 4
League 5
Top Spinner
League 6
League 7

All-inclusive package

The following benefits are included*:

Functional Starter Shirt
Playing competitive tennis for over 24 weeks
Unlimited number of league matches
Suggestions for suitable match partners
Innovative GotCourts Rating system
Placement in a league according to your skill level
Personal match statistics
Challenges with instant and raffle prizes
Prizes for the GotCourts League winners

*Additional court booking costs may apply on the part of the facility operator. If you are playing on a court of your club, the use of the court is usually included in your club fee. However, guest fees are common in many tennis clubs. In either case, it is fair for the two opponents to share any court booking costs or the club guest fee. Please ensure that this is done at the time of the match agreement.

GotCourts Mobile App

Your league always with you

From your iPhone or Android smartphone you have access to the GotCourts League anytime and anywhere. So you can challenge yourself and your tennis at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a player license to participate in the GotCourts League?

No, to participate in the GotCourts League you do not need a player license from a national association. The GotCourts League is a completely open championship format in which all tennis players in Switzerland can participate.

How does the GotCourts League rating work?

For your rating you start with 1'500 points. Plus or minus points are distributed for each game won or lost. The number of points to be awarded is calculated by the GotCourts League rating level difference of the opposing players. If you play against an opponent ranked higher in the GotCourts rating, you can win extra points. If you lose, your loss of points is much smaller, corresponding to the increased probability of losing. Conversely, a win against a lower-ranked player results in fewer points than are deducted for a loss against that player. You can find more information in the GotCourts League rules.

Does a GotCourts League match count for the Swiss Tennis Ranking?

At GotCourts League matches you compete for points for your GotCourts rating. All players in the GotCourts League are registered in the same universal GotCourts rating system and the same ranking list. GotCourts League Matches do not count for your Swiss Tennis ranking.

Can I play a mode other than the three Champions Tie Breaks in the GotCourts League?

Yes, you can play any other mode (Set, Short-set, Best of Three, Fast Four, etc.). For more information please consult the GotCourts League rules in the FAQ section.