Win More Than 10,000 Prizes

Play tennis and win awesome prizes!

Those competing for game, set, and victory in the GotCourts League are not only rewarded with great tennis, fun, and sore muscles. Over 10,000 prizes stand to be won. Whether you're a ball-loving moonballer or an ambitious grand slammer, everyone has got a chance to win.
Every active league player who ventures onto the court at least once for a match will receive the slick GotCourts League Player Bag. New tennis challenges with instant prizes and main prize draws also await you throughout the season. And last but not least, participants in the summer tournaments and the grand final tournament at the end of the season can look forward to equally grand prizes. 

Player Bag

All active participants of the GotCourts League who have played at least one league match will receive the official GotCourts League Player Bag filled with various goodies and sponsor gifts.

Tournament prizes

Provided that larger tournaments will be possible again by summer, you can also improve your tennis and your GotCourts Rating at the regional summer tournaments, featuring many tournament prizes.

Winners prizes

As one of the top-ranked players in your league, you'll win attractive grand prizes at the end of the entire season.
The winning prizes for the finalists of the seven leagues will be awarded at the final tournament in October. Each league winner may receive a luxury watch from «Norqain», worth 2,000 Swiss francs. The total value of the prizes awarded is over 75,000 Swiss francs.