Frequently asked questions

Do I need a player license to participate in the GotCourts League?

No, to participate in the GotCourts League you do not need a player license from a national association. The GotCourts League is a completely open championship format in which all tennis players can participate.


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How does the GotCourts League rating work?

For your rating you start with 1'500 points. Plus or minus points are distributed for each game won or lost. The number of points to be awarded is calculated by the GotCourts League rating level difference of the opposing players. If you play against an opponent ranked higher in the GotCourts rating, you can win extra points. If you lose, your loss of points is much smaller, corresponding to the increased probability of losing. Conversely, a win against a lower-ranked player results in fewer points than are deducted for a loss against that player. You can find more information in the GotCourts League rules.

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Will I be rewarded if I play a lot?

Yes, playing is generally rewarded. For each match played, both players will be credited with 2 additional activity points. These are independent of and in addition to the points credit for the winner or the points deduction due to the defeat. The activity points are credited each time a match result is confirmed.

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What happens if I don't play at all?

One of the objectives of the GotCourts League is to promote the playing of tennis. This is also reflected in the rating system. At least four matches should be played per month. In this way, points deductions for inactivity can be avoided. For each match missing to the minimum goal of four matches, a deduction of two points is made. The calculation is done at the end of each month. So you can lose a maximum of eight points per month for not playing.

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Can I play against the same player more than once?

You can play for points against the same player more than once. During a season there are the following limitations: Only the first four matches played are fully included in the rating calculation. From the fifth match on you cannot win or lose points against the same player. Only the two activity points are credited for both players.

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Does a GotCourts League match count for the Swiss Tennis Ranking?

At GotCourts League matches you compete for points for your GotCourts rating. All players in the GotCourts League are registered in the same universal GotCourts rating system and the same ranking list. GotCourts League Matches do not count for your Swiss Tennis ranking.


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Can I play a mode other than the three Champions Tie Breaks in the GotCourts League?

Yes, you can play any other mode (Set, Short-set, Best of Three, Fast Four, etc.). For more information please consult the GotCourts League rules in the FAQ section.


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Is the GotCourts League a real tennis format or a virtual online game?

The GotCourts League is not a virtual online game, but is played on real tennis courts. The individual game organization runs conveniently via the GotCourts app, but the game is played in the flesh between two real opponents on existing tennis courts of tennis clubs or public tennis facilities.

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Which match results can I enter?

Each match result consists of a score and the determination of a winner. The following variants are possible scores:
GotCourts League Game Mode - Three 10-Point Tie-Break sets:

Result input: "10:7; 3:10; 10:9" - the system automatically recognizes who is the winner. The system does not accept a score above 10 points. Only complete tie-break sets can be entered. 

Except in the case of a tie after sets. In this case, the winner must be determined manually after entering the complete sets.

Other game modes such as one set to 6, best of three, fast four etc. are not possible.

If you play your own game mode, all sets played will also be entered. Either one set, two sets, three sets, four sets, five sets, and so on. The system will then automatically determine the winner. If there is a tie after sets, the system will force the manual selection of the winner.

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How much time do I have to confirm a result? What happens if the confirmation is not done in time?

Match results should be recorded immediately after a match by the player who initiated the match and must be confirmed or contested by the opponent within 24 hours. In case of dispute, a reason must be given. After a possible correction of the entries by the entering player, the 24-hour confirmation period runs anew. If the opponent does not confirm or challenge the result within the time limit, the system will automatically confirm the result. 

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In tennis, a match is over when a player has won two sets (best of three). Why, then, are three tie-break sets to 10 always played in the GotCourts League?

There are several reasons for playing three tie-break sets: 

1. A court booking usually takes an hour. Three tie-break sets to 10 (with decision point at 9:9) practically always fit exactly into one booking hour. Each tie-break lasts about 15 minutes. If a 2:0 tie-break set score were to be stopped, it is highly likely that the booking hour would not be over. 

2. Even with a 2:0 set lead in the tie-breaks, the third tie-break is played. The ranking system makes a difference in the point standings depending on the final score after sets. There are «big» wins/losses and «small» wins/losses. A «big» win is a 3-0 after tie-break sets. A «small» win/loss is a 2:1, 2:0, 1:0 after tie-break sets. Both players can gain valuable points for their ranking by winning the third tie-break. In «big» wins, the winner/loser gets/loses more points than in «small» wins/losses.


How does the GotCourts League format work?

The GotCourts League is a new type of tennis competition format where you decide who, when, where and how often you play matches against. You can play against any opponent who has signed up for the GotCourts League. You can play against your friends, against your club colleagues or choose your own opponents among the registered league participants. In addition, the system regularly suggests new opponents of your playing strength. You can play on any facility, i.e. in your club, in tennis centers or on public tennis courts. The facility does not necessarily have to be managed by the GotCourts court booking system. Women can also play against men in the GotCourts League.


Who do I play GotCourts League matches against?

You can choose any opponents participating in the GotCourts League. You select players according to their playing strength (self-assessment or even more precisely according to GotCourts League Rating), region, age, etc., as you see fit.

If your preferred opponent is not yet registered with the GotCourts League, he can simply register at and you can get started. In addition, the system regularly suggests new opponents of your playing strength and in your region.

The GotCourts platform offers appropriate tools for communication, court booking and result management.

Who are the proposed opponents?

The GotCourts app always suggests new opponents of your playing strength. The basis for the selection is the GotCourts rating. If possible, participants from your region will be suggested.

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Where can I find the ranking of all tennis players in the GotCourts League?

You can find the current ranking in the GotCourts App. The ranking can be filtered by different criteria. In addition, the different league rankings will also be displayed there.

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I completed a challenge and won a prize. How do I get my prize?

For Challenges, there are Instant Prizes and Raffle Prizes categories. Instant Prizes will be sent upon successful completion of a challenge. Please give us some time until you can hold your prize in your hands. Raffle Prizes are usually drawn at the end of the season. Occasionally, there may be a monthly raffle. The applicable conditions are described in each case at the challenge.

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Where can I play GotCourts League matches?

GotCourts League matches can be played at all tennis facilities in Germany and abroad. Book your court directly in the GotCourts app. If your desired tennis court is not connected to the GotCourts network, this is no problem. It is also possible to play outside the GotCourts network. Such a match played outside the GotCourts network is called an off-network match. A total of three off-network matches are allowed per week. In a free trial, a maximum of one off-network match is possible during the term. When creating an off-network match in the app, it is mandatory to enter information about the playing location (club or facility/center).

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How much does the GotCourts user account cost?

Opening a GotCourts user account is free and can be done on the GotCourts platform (web app or mobile app). The "GotCourts App" for mobile devices is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded free of charge from the respective app stores.

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How much does it cost to participate in the GotCourts League?

Participation in the GotCourts League costs CHF 69,00 (regular price). There may be limited time promotions before or during the season with special conditions. The fee includes more than 24 weeks of competitive tennis, unlimited number of matches, suggestions for suitable playing partners, an innovative GotCourts rating system, league allocation according to your playing strength, a ranking list with your current ranking position, personal game statistics, challenges with instant and raffle prizes, winner prizes for the GotGourts League winners. 


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Do I have to accept a match invitation?

No, there is no obligation to accept an invitation. However, in the spirit of fair play, it is recommended that if the player is able to do so, he or she does so. In any case, the invitation should be responded to within 24 hours, whether accepted or declined, so that both players can continue their match planning.

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Why is it important that I have a complete profile on GotCourts?

It is important that your player profile in the GotCourts settings is complete and up to date. For other players in their intention to contact you for a match, it is interesting to know in which city you live, how old you are and how you rate your playing strength. For certain challenges, such as the "Battle of the Sexes" challenge, it is even a requirement to win the challenge prizes. If the system cannot tell from your profile whether you are male or female, it will not be able to score the Challenge.

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Is the court rental included in the GotCourts League Fee?

No, the court rental fee charged by the facility operator is not included. Depending on the tennis facility, the operators charge a different court rental fee. The GotCourts League has no influence on this. If you play on a court of your club, the use of the court is usually included in your club fees. However, many tennis clubs charge guest fees. In any case, it is fair for the two opponents to share any court fees or club guest fees. Please make this clear when making the agreement for the match.

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GotCourts League regulations

For further information or if you are unsure, please consult the GotCourts League regulations.