Challenges - Everyone can win!

Be challenged, master tasks, stay active, and win.

Throughout the season, the GotCourts League will test you with numerous, ever-changing challenges directly related to your league matches and activities on court. From the Let's Play Challenge to the Socialiser Challenge to the Battle of the Sexes Challenge, there's plenty waiting for you on the tennis courts in Switzerland this summer season.

See you on court

Once you've reached a challenge, you can win an instant prize or participate in the drawing for corresponding prizes.

Let’s play!

Put on your tennis shoes, get your racket, and get on the court! As soon as you have played your first GotCourts League match, you already have the first challenge in the bag.

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On Court Socializer

Like getting out and meeting new people? Now you can do it on the tennis court. Play against five different opponents and you'll win a discount voucher from movelab Tennis and be entered into a drawing for a gift basket full of sports nutrition products.

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Performing Socializer

You can't get enough and keep going for it again and again: Entering the court with new playing partners. Play against ten different opponents and you'll be entered into a drawing for an even bigger gift basket full of sports nutrition products. Playing a lot means having to eat even better!
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Power Socializer

For you, there's no stopping and no limits; you want to meet every tennis player in your area. Play against 15 different opponents and you will be entered into a drawing for the ultimate surprise package from movelab Tennis.
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Tennis Nomad

You are at home anywhere and love to explore new territories. Go on a tennis discovery tour: Play matches on three different tennis courts and win a hundred-franc voucher from ESL Language Travel. The trip might not end there; you'll also be entered into the final draw for a language course or stay worth 1,500 Swiss francs. The destination? You decide!
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Battle of the Sexes

Play it like Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in 1973 and fight a gender duel. As a woman you challenge a man, as a man a woman. For the brave gender players among you, there are great prizes from Bidi Badu to be won. By the way: The winner was Billie Jean King; how will it turn out for you?

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Invite 10 friends to join the GotCourts League at a discounted rate (CHF 59.90 instead of 75.-).

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Get 3 friends to participate in the GotCourts League.

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