Organise a match


Find an opponent

Find an opponent for your singles match. You can either choose from your friends, your tennis club, the list of suggested players or search by tennis rating and ranking and contact any tennis player from the GotCourts League.

Contact your opponent

You can contact your opponent by simply clicking on the «Challenge» button on their user profile. Communicate to your opponent that you would like to play a GotCourts League match against him/her. Arrange the date, time and location of the match.

Organise a court

Book a court in the GotCourts app or on at the agreed time. If your preferred tennis court is not connected to the GotCourts network, this is not a problem. It is also possible to play outside of it. Such a match played outside the GotCourts network is called an "Off-network match". You organise the appropriate court individually and there is no need to book courts on the GotCourts platform.

Play and enter the result

Play the match and then enter the result and winner in the GotCourts App.

If you have made a booking via the GotCourts platform, a match entry has already been created in the system under "Matches". You can enter the result directly there. If an off-network match was played, you have to create the match manually with the ""+"" to enter the result under "Matches".

It does not matter which of the two opponents enters the result. If you forget to enter the match result, you will receive a reminder e-mail. After you have entered the result, your opponent will receive a notification and must confirm the match result within 24 hours.